Five shelf version.

'Clothespins' with maple inlays.

Clothespin Shelves are made from solid rift-sawn white oak with a clear hand rubbed oil finish:


Indigenous to the eastern USofA, rift-sawn white oak is milled perpendicular to the outer annular rings to produce a straight grain pattern that is light brown with paler sapwood; strong, tough, heavy, fine-grained and durable.

Unique 'clothespin' connectors hold the uprights together and provide a hidden shelf support.

Only a rubber mallet is needed to assemble the interlocking cross pieces, shelves and uprights.

Each 35" wide extension: + $1,075

66" High Single 36" wide unit: $1,375

78" High with Six Shelves + $425

Extra 4" Width + 300

Optional configurations:

Lower drawer:

+ $425

Two lower drawers:

+ $850

Drop front desk:

+ $950

Drop front desk with one or two drawers

'Clothespins' shown with oak accents.

Dimensions in width can be adjusted to site conditions

Six shelf version.

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