barn doors open in summer...

saw blades and fence

untrimmed splines



'clothespin' connectors


pasture view

joining planks

shop interior

A Brief History of Studio Diggs by William Diggs Kochman Artisan ambition In 1976 I gambled that it was then or never that I leave my career as a computer engineer and deploy my savings to found Kochman Woodworking in an attempt to make a living as an artisan. I spent the first year by myself building a variety of furniture and cabinetry, and establishing relationships with local Boston architects with whom I felt a kinship, although I had no formal training in either profession! With a growing backlog of work, my artisan goal quickly turned into an office job collaborating with architects to realize projects, often kitchens, for their clients or sometimes themselves. My brother Jim joined and became a partner responsible for our craftsmen and production. Computers became affordable in the '80s so I wrote software to make our shop more flexible, productive and profitable. My daughters came along, too. By merging with another small shop two additional partners joined forming Kochman Reidt + Haigh cabinetmakers, enabling me to eventually work from home and concentrate on software development as well as being a father. Barn workshop In 2005, retirement. Since my daughters had moved to Brooklyn New York to pursue their dreams of working in the arts, I had the opportunity to transform the stable that had long been vacant of their horses, goats and barn cats into a woodworking shop so I could design and produce thoughtfully crafted, simple-yet-unique furnishings...

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